Today Could Be The Day is a song from the episode The Flipper.

-Characters singing

  • Goby
  • Deema
  • Nonny

Lyrics Edit

Nonny: "Today could be the day that a meteor falls! Down to Earth from the beautiful sky!"

Goby: "We've seen a lot of meteors flying in space! So far not a single one has landed in this place."

Deema: "So far they have deflected. So far we're in the clear. But we'll keep observing in case the day is near."

All: "Today could be the day! The big big day."

Deema & Nonny: "If we spy s meteor heading this way..."

Goby: "Today could be the day! The big big day! When I spot a meteor and swat it away,I know it would be dangerous. I know it would be bad. But if a meteor was coming I could bravely whack it with my great invention...the Amazing Rocket Racket!"

Deema & Nonny: "He would save the Earth,he would be the man!"

Goby: "But if today's not the day there's no way I can."

Deema & Nonny: "Today could be the say! The big big day! When you spot a meteor headed this way!"

All: "Today could be the day! The big big day!"

Goby: "When I spot a meteor and swat it away."

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