Tutti Coloratura

Character Info Edit

Her name is Tutti Coloratura. She is Lolipop Pops's alternate counterpart and the leader of the SourBakes.

Looks Edit

Guppy form Edit

Tutti Coloratura looks like Molly except:

  • Her skin is light in color.
  • Her is a darker shade of purple/violet.
  • Her eyes are teal in color.
  • She wears a sky blue dress.

Humanoid form Edit

Tutti looks the same in her humanoid form.

Personality Edit

Tutti Coloratura's personality seems to match up with Lollipop's; both have advanced knowledge, first to plan ahead, and tend to get annoyed easily.

Voice Actor Edit

  • Tara Strong (Season 6-present)

Trivia Edit

  • Her Sour Mark is "tutti frutti ice cream".
  • She is named after Countess Coloratura, a character in MLP:FiM. 

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