Personality Edit

The White King is a wise and kind ruler. He has the youthful voice of a teenager, and his favorite food is peaches.

One episode in particular demonstrates his fair ways. One day, the sensitive-eared White King hears the Black King singing very off-key in his nearby castle. Bothered by the noise, he journeys to Black Castle and, instead of yelling or threatening, tells his fellow King how he feels. In the end, the Black King apologizes, and the two become friends.

Looks Edit

The White King has peach skin, green eyes, green spiky hair, and a green-striped tail. He is skinny and the same height as the Black King. Atop his head rests a golden crown set with a large ruby.

Trivia Edit

  • Oddly, minus the green hair and lack of glasses, the White King greatly resembles Nonny.

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